Environmental policy

Environmental policy


Assuming responsibility for the protection of the environment, the management of HELIKON PRESS Ltd. has commited itself to minimizing environmental effects induced by the activities of the company. We have set ourselves the following basic goals to protect the environment:


  • We follow and implement environmental laws and regulations in force.
  • We strive to prevent environment polution by appropriately regulating the production processes during printing.
  • When we acquire new machinery our preferences lie in environmentally friendly technologies and equipment that is economically and environmentally the most effective.
  • When selecting raw material and ancilliaries for printing, apart from quality we seriously consider environmental aspects.
  • We constantly improve the environmental consciousness of our employees and expect that their work is characterised by an environment conscious attitude.
  • We expect our suppliers to provide proper details on the environmental properties of the raw materials.
  • We lay special emphasis on garbage collection and waste management, and, where applicable, on possibilities for reducing the amount of waste.

We hope to achieve our goals via adopting, maintaining and developing the environmental management system which complies with MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 standards.

3 October, 2005, Zalaegerszeg

Lajos Tasi
executive diirector