The Company's History

The Company’s History

Helikon Press Ltd. was founded in November, 1989.

This year represents a milestone in the company's history given that this was the time when the owners, understanding market demands and new possibilities offered by technological development, decided to change the company's profile.
During the first ten years of its existence the company offered its clients products printed with traditional offset technologies. The market of packaging materials was then new and unexplored to the entrepreneurs until entering it via acquiring a KDO (K2 International) flexographic printing machine.

Constant development has lead to another major innovative step. The company acquired its third flexographic printing machine and set up its modern 8600sqm headquarters in the green belt of Zalaegerszeg. In addition, on 29 September we acquired the ISO 9001:2001 Quality Control Certificate and the ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management Certificate.

Currently, Helikon Press Ltd. dominates a substantial part of the Hungarian packaging material market by providing high-quality products and services. In 2007 we have widened the range of applied technologies which was indispensable in order to be able to satisfy new market demands completely. Thus the technologies we apply range from screen printing, embossed printing to gold foil stamping.
The company provides employment for twenty-five employees and its annual turnover exceeds 2 million euros. At the same time, we use up 2 million sqm of self-adhesive paper and several thousand tons of aluminium foil.

Our company's business policy is best described by the following expressions:

- reliability;
- outstanding quality;
- flexible and professional services;
- short delivery period;
- compatible prices;
- constant innovation, openness to new tecnologies and products.

Customers of Helikon Press Ltd:
- Pannontej cPlc.
- Coats Crafts cPlc.
- Heineken Hungária Plc.
- Kékkúti Ásványvíz cPlc.
- Pápai Hús
- Zalai Nyomda cPlc.
- eFeF Ltd.
- Agrokémia Sellye cPlc.
- Drávatej cPlc.
- Etyeki Kúria Ltd.
- Tornai Pincészet
- Laposa Pincészet
- Hunnia Húsipari Ltd.
- Berekhús cPlc.